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BluKote Lining

Envirologics BluKote™ Airborne Lining - NSF/ANSI 61 Certified

Following Tomahawk cleaning and preparation, any lining technology can be applied to the pipe wall, including CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) or SIPP (sprayed-in-place pipe) technologies. The right lining technology choice depends on the condition of the pipe.

Envirologics has evolved into a full pipe rehab solution by adding a proprietary airborne lining technology. This application is a fast, low cost, non-structural, AWWA Class I barrier coat to improve water quality and flow while extending the pipe's service life by decades. The lining process uses the same airstream as cleaning (vac truck), thus requiring minimal changeover.  The airborne lining process is capable of lining 4"(100mm), 6"(150mm) and 8"(200mm) diameter pipes which represents approximately 75% distrubution pipes in North America.

For a video overview of the BluKoe airborne lining technology, please click the picture below.

1605 Tomahawk Lining Overview b

Lining Results

03 Pipe 2 Pit 2 MO
02 Pipe 2 Pit 3 MI

The service connection shown below is fully coated with no voids or shadows around the exterior.  Material does not fill or block the unobstructed service. The BluKote liner is continuous and fully bonded in this crucial location.

Lined Service

Pipe joints are fully coated and often filled for a countinuous liner, providing excellent results.

Lined Joint 1 

Lined Joint 2

In Summary

Tomahawk with blue lining

Additional Resources

For additional information on our Tomahawk™ System and BluKote lining such as videos, articles, presentations and brochures, please visit our resources page.


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