September 24, 2020 – Envirologics CEL (Clean, Evaluate and Line) of Drinking Water Pipes in Saint Jerome, Quebec

Pre-Project Condition:
This project contained 2 x 15m long, 150mm (6”) iron pipes. Each pipe contained a 90° bend and are located below a restaurant floor at a local highway rest stop. Pipe access was below grade in a mechanical room at one end and a buried drinking water tank at the other end. The pipes were both highly tuberculated resulting in low water pressure and flow rates to the businesses. A remaining wall thickness evaluation was also conducted to determine the pipe’s remaining structural properties.
St.Jerome 1
Above, worksite location of CEL water pipe rehab activities just north of Saint Jerome, Quebec.
St.Jerome 2a
Above, mechanical room below grade where 2 x 150mm drinking water pipes enter.
Project Details
Location: Laurentian Autoroute north bound side, just north of Saint Jerome, Quebec
Envirologics Licensee: Logistique Saint-Laurent Inc., Gilbert Group, Chicoutimi, QC
Pipe Size, Material: 150mm (6"), iron
Total Length: 2 x 15m, 30m total with 90° bend in each pipe
Pipe Age: Approx. 30 to 40 years old.
Cleaning Technology: Envirologics Tomahawk™ System
Lining Technology: Envirologics modified airborne lining, BluKote™
Pipe Wall Thickness Evaluation Technology: Envirologics Detective™ RFEC probe
Results: The businesses and customers at this location are now enjoying renewed water flow, pressure and quality. The pipe’s useable life has been extended by decades. The pipes, including both bends, are fully coated to prevent further interior corrosion. No disruption to the businesses occurred during the pipe rehab activities.
St.Jerome 3 St.Jerome 4a St.Jerome 5
Above left, drinking water pipe before cleaning, center, after cleaning with Tomahawk, right, after lining with BluKote™.
St.Jerome 6
Above, both pipes after lining with BulKote™ from within the mechanical room.
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