August 25, 2020 – Envirologics CEL (Clean, Evaluate and Line) of Watermain in Boucherville, Quebec

Pre-Project Condition:
This project contained 94m of 150mm (6”) ductile iron pipe.  The pipe was highly tuberculated resulting in lower water pressure and flow rates.  Also, a remaining wall thickness evaluation was conducted to determine the pipe’s remaining structural properties.
Boucherville 1 
Above, performing RFEC evaluation of watermain in Boucherville, Quebec.
Boucherville 2 
Above, Raw evaluation or remaining wall thickness data of pipe using the Envirologics Detective RFEC probe.
Project Details
Location: Rue Jacques le Tessier, Boucherville, Quebec
Envirologics Licensee: Logistique Saint-Laurent Inc., Gilbert Group, Chicoutimi, QC
Pipe Size, Material: 150mm (6"), ductile iron
Total Length: 94m with 7 residential service connections
Pipe Age: Approximately 55 years
Cleaning Technology: Envirologics Tomahawk™ System
Lining Technology: Envirologics airborne lining, BluKote™
Pipe Wall Thickness Evaluation Technology: Envirologics Detective™ RFEC probe
Results:  The residents on this street are now enjoying renewed water flow, pressure and quality. The pipe’s useable life has been extended by decades.
Boucherville 3  Boucherville 4  Boucherville 5
Pictures: Above left, watermain before cleaning, center, after cleaning with Tomahawk, right, after lining with BluKote™.
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